A Nugget of Sunshine


Has it been a bazillion degrees for everyone this week?

Summer has definitely finally hit SoCal! Which is perhaps why we’ve done a slight detour from our regular spring collection and found ourselves obsessing over this bright shade of yellow. I found this cheery fabric for Chloe Bisou’s dress, then stumbled on the yellow gingham used for Gooey’s shirt, and then decided that it was my mission to find the perfect pair of yellow heels.

After hunting for what seemed like forever online, these Steve Madden yellow heels finally found their way to me on a recent trip to Nordstrom Rack. I’m lucky to have seen them– they were the only yellow pair in the store, exactly my size, and were only $40– Score!

And so our love affair with yellow lasted all week long…






















And for the record, we did this photo shoot early in the morning, and although it was getting warm, we made sure to make it quick knowing that Chloe Bisou and Gooey were in clothing. We strongly urge everyone to dress their pups responsibly in the summer, ensuring that they only wear clothes in cooler weather or air conditioned environments.

Outfit details

Heather: Blue floral dress, Urban Outfitters, find a similar dress here. Yellow shoes, Steve Madden, find a similar pair here. Emoji purse, Betsey Johnson, purchased last year, browse similar handbags here.

Chloe Bisou: The Stylish Bisou, Featured Summer Dress, Lemon color. More colors available. Dazzles By Darla necklace. 


Gooey: The Stylish Bisou Featured Jacket & Shirt combo. 


Aaand We’re Back!


As some of you may know, TheStylishBisou.com was hacked last week- BOOOOO!

Although getting hacked isn’t unusual– in fact it’s been a real issue for EVERYONE lately– it can be quite embarrassing, costly to fix, not to mention challenging to recover from. Thankfully ours was a straightforward case: some malicious little buggers got into our site and were redirecting people to unsavory links. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories though where people’s websites, emails, and even social media accounts have been hijacked for ransom. Furthermore, Google can decide to black list your website which is super difficult to get fixed. Eeek!

Anyhoo, it was partially my own fault that we were hacked. I’ve been so glued to my sewing machine lately that I neglected updating parts of our website. So, in an effort to remind us ALL the importance of taking precautions, I thought I’d list a few things that we can do to help guard ourselves.

First— even if you don’t have a blog or website, your social media can be hacked especially the more popular your accounts become, so make sure to change your passwords every six months at the very least. Experts are also recommending have different passwords for each of your channels, emails, and websites. Pain in the neck, right? Someday it may save you from having a big hacking mess on your hands!

Second— Download any and all updates. If you don’t, it leaves back doors open for hackers to sneak in.

Third— Back up your website and computer regularly! That way if something serious DOES happen you won’t lose years worth of work.

Fourth— Be as knowledgeable as you can and do your research. This is easier said than done especially if you’re not particularly tech savvy (or if you’re only faking that you’re halfway tech savvy, like I do- ha!)

When my website got hacked, I was scrambling to research my options and it ended up costing me a lot of extra time and frustration. One company told me that I absolutely NEEDED their $100 per month package to clean my website and keep it safe in the future. YIKES- that’s steep! Although it remains to be seen as to whether I actually need that service, I’m glad that I explored my options and found something relatively cheaper. I mean… our website isn’t THAT cool… yet. But if you sell from your website for example, be sure to find what security options you need to keep your customer’s information safe.

I’m sure there are more precautions we can take, but those are the main ones that come to mind at the moment.

I actually went through this morning and changed all my passwords, which was about as fun as deep cleaning my fridge <insert eye rolls here>. BUT, I’m now paranoid and realize how necessary it is. Because darlings, trust me, being hacked is NOT pleasant.

If you think of more tips that can safeguard against hacking, feel free to leave a comment below.

And now we leave you with cute pics of Chloe Bisou and Gooey.



















Because of this debacle we’ve had to push back our date for more NEW #ootw’s in our Etsy shop. In order to give us time to catch up on our current orders and regain some composure on our blog, we’ll be back up and running Monday June 20th!

Thank you all again for your patience and your support. Lotsa LUB to you all!



Haute Mess


I’m not going to lie– I’ve been on the struggle bus lately.

It’s hard to put succinctly into words what I’ve been going through in past weeks, but I think I’ve finally pinpointed where my uncomfortableness (is that even a word?) stems from: my lifelong struggle with perfection.

I won’t delve too deeply into the origins of my obsession with perfection– I mean, this ISN’T a therapy session for pete’s sake– but I will say that I’ve spent my entire life striving to excel (and over excel) at everything I put my mind to. I’m a control freak, high strung, perfectionist, Type A personality, “I’ll do it myself,” “nothing is ever good enough” breed of person. I work myself into a tizzy– often times temper tantrums included– to achieve perfection.

Trust me, I’ve got issues.

Now, for the first time in my life, nearly EVERY part of my life is in shambles; my mere existence is the antithesis of perfection. Name any number of things that are important in one’s life– finances, relationships, career, family– and I’ve royally messed every one of them up. I’m always a day late and a dollar short.

Lately I’ve let this overwhelming sense of failure really get to me. It’s been a lot of “I can’t even” moments in the least jokingly way possible… “I can’t even handle this stress right now…” “I can’t even do anything right…” “I can’t even get out of bed today” (I was sick with a nasty head cold amongst all this)…So on and so forth.

It has been quite the un-fabulous pity party I’ve been throwing myself and no amount of pug love from Chloe Bisou could pull me out of it. The worst part? I wasn’t even wearing my best pity party dress.


BUT… This week, the tide has changed, and I’ve decided to wake the h- up and get over it. Because striving for perfection is causing paralysis to my creativity, my growth, and my overall journey.

YES, I am painfully mediocre but that’s okay. Could I could be doing a thousand things in my life a thousand times BETTER? You bet, but I can’t keep stopping at the side of the road to punch myself in the face about it. Cue cliche statement: no one is perfect, so why the heck do I keep insisting that I should be?

And so, wearing a shirt that says “San Diego’s Hautest Mess” couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Because I’m not going to “fake it til’ I make it” anymore; I am embracing–and openly admitting to the world– that I’m a haute mess and proud of it.

Regardless of being a self professed mess, I’m the haute mess who’ll continue to pick herself up by the stilettos and get back to the hustle and grind. I’m the haute mess that’ll whip on that red lipstick and keep bravely smiling.  And I’m the haute mess that underneath it all, still loves and respects herself…with a little help from her delectable puggies, of course.




















AND just in case you’re wondering, we will be back with more Outfits Of The Week in our Stylish Bisou Etsy beginning June 6th. In the meantime, we are catching up with our current orders and taking custom dresses, button-up shirts, and reversible bandana orders. Feel free to contact us if you need anything custom!


Outfit Details

Heather: Kill ‘Em With Chic T-shirt.

Slim fit pants, H&M.

Black duster jacket, H&M.

Pom Heels, DIY, inspired by A Life Less Ordinary.

Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

Chloe Bisou and Gooey: Reversible bandanas, The Stylish Bisou Couture on Etsy.




Bisou Stylin’ At FWSD’s Spring Showcase 2016



It was surreal to realize that last year Chloe Bisou and I were attending Fashion Week San Diego’s 2015 Spring Showcase, and this year we were all up IN IT!

This past Saturday, May 14th, we jam packed our car full of precious cargo and Bisou designs then headed eastward to Harrah’s Resort SoCal— which, by the way, is one of favorite getaway spots. It’s such a gorgeous resort in a beautiful setting, and the service is always on-point. But I digress…


The Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase essentially kicks off a full year’s worth of designer oriented events, and provides the public with an intro of each designer and a sneak peek of what to expect in September’s runway shows.

We spent the afternoon amongst fellow FWSD 2016 designers in the Harrah’s SoCal event center, putting together our booth and primping our models.

Speaking of models, we were so happy to have a handful of our darling dog models with us for the event (and they were a hit with everyone who attended!) We had:

(Obviously) Chloe Bisou and Gooey dressed in flamingos and a Mollys Pawtique bow tie.



Kingston and his “sister” Olive, (@KingstonThePug and @APugNamedOlive on Instagram).

Cricket, (@cricket_the_bostonterrier on Instagram).

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.55.13 PM

And last but not least, Emma (@emma_rose_the_fancy_frenchie on Instagram).


(Special thanks to Jenna Pilant of Lucky Little Mustard Seed for letting her dachsund, Nella Sue, prance around the FWSD Showcase in a Stylish Bisou dress.)

At 6pm sharp, The Stylish Bisou crew sprang into action, schmoozing with the crowds, snapping photo-ops, and selling some of our stylish pup merch, including Dazzles By Darla necklaces, MollysPawtique bow ties and CurlyTail Ties.





Flamingo themed…



Always trying to primp Chloe Bisou!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.13.41 AM

Emma on the runway!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.13.11 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.55.55 PM


Beautiful little models, Cricket, Kingston & Cricket.


We got photo bombed in style, by the beautiful Vanessa Bali (vanessaballi.com)!



I even got to escort Miss Chloe Bisou down the runway for our designer debut! Check out Chloe Bisou’s darling little trot in the video below.

The night went by in a blink of an eye– sadly, we were so busy, we didn’t get much of a chance to walk around and get pictures of the other FWSD designers. There are some SERIOUSLY talented and creative designers though and we can’t wait to see what they all have in store this year! Here are the pictures that we did manage to snap amidst all of the craziness.


Where are my treats ma?!?


Chloe Bisou had her own bed, but decided to steal Emma Rose’s instead- Ha!


Gooey had a crush on Cricket!


The beautiful models and pawrents!




Chloe Bisou refused to pose without her treats…










All in all, we had a fantastic time and loved meeting new dog lovers and fashionistas. Now, onward and upward to the #FWSD16 Runway Shows, happening September 26 through October 2, 2016!

Special thanks to:

Harrah’s Resort SoCal for allowing our pups to attend the event and let some of our models stay the night in the hotel– (they are possibly phasing out their dog-friendly rooms, so we appreciate that they allowed our models to spend the night.)

The dog model pawrents for all of their support, and for helping us build and break down our booth. 

Our KickStarter & social media/online friends for supporting us and making it possible to attend this event.

Mollys Pawtique, Curly Tail Ties and Dazzles By Darla for providing us with accessories to showcase at our event.

The team at Fashion Week San Diego, for being so professional, organized, kind, and for putting on a fantastic event!  



A Busy Week Ahead!

I have a lot on my mind this week– it’s a very busy week ahead, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little overwhelmed.

I sit here contemplating how much I want to elaborate on that…. Let’s just say that as I prepare for the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase this weekend, I’d like to think I would have a nugget of positive wisdom to pass along. But to share anything “enlightening” would make me a hypocrite, because I in fact feel very little positivity at the moment.

And so, because I don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll spare you my whining and leave you with a few cute pictures from this last weekend of our fun time at the San Diego Pug Rescue’s 25th Annual Pug Party in Del Mar, CA instead…

Because it was the 25th Anniversary, they left the “dressing up” theme open, so Chloe Bisou and I decided to go Kentucky Derby style. 




Chloe Bisou and Gooey got spoiled by the wonderful people in the doggy cafe….





We were happy to hang out with our dear friends Wendy & Simon (@simon_bella on Instagram)…


As well as our wonderful friends, Dawn & Lolo (@dq805 on Instagram).



And what party would be complete without a few selfies? 



Hope you all have a great week! Wish us luck because we’ll need all of the luck we can get– Ha!





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