Hot holiday Pink

Chloe Bisou and I can’t have an outfit during the holidays without incorporating pink... am I right? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we never get sick of pink.

Especially hot pink… especially hot pink tulle…especially hot pink pearls…and especially hot pink shoes.

So here’s the scoop with these shoes: I bought them for dirt cheap on ASOS (which is my favorite place to buy shoes, btw). A couple of weeks went by, and I hadn’t received them, which is unusual because ASOS delivers quickly. I checked the tracking which showed the shoes as “delivered” and quickly realized that my new pink shoes had been stolen.

Customer Service at ASOS was so good to me though. Without any runaround or a ton of questioning, they sent out another pair, lickety split AND even refunded my shipping cost.

Anyhoo, someone else in San Diego is walking around in these same fabulous hot pink shoes. I’d like to think that they’re not as cute in them though because THEY don’t have Chloe Bisou. We all know that she’s the REAL reason my shoes look so fabulous.

We’re regrettably late starting our holiday outfit countdown, but we’ll be starting it this week, so stay tuned! (Everyone looks SO cute!)

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday week!

Heather: Handmade dress by The Stylish Bisou with glitter pink fabric from Joann Fabric.  Hot Pink shoes, Faux fur stole, from my closet, find a similar one from Target, here. Cat eye mirrored sunglasses, from my closet, find a similar pair at ZeroUV, here.

Chloe Bisou: Handmade dress by The Stylish Bisou. Hot pink pearls, available for a limited time at The Stylish Bisou on Etsy. 

Winter Mint

And just like that, it’s officially the holidays! Nope, our tree isn’t up and our lights haven’t been hung, but we still have plenty of time to get to it. Ha!

In the meantime, what better time to bring out my glitter ankle boots than the holidays…they’re festive enough, right?

I wish I could tell you that they’re designer, but they’re major knock-offs that I bought on my last trip to Santee Alley in LA’s Fashion District. If you’ve never been to Santee Alley, it’s something I highly recommend because it’s definitely an experience (and a place to do a ton of cheap shopping).

I’m also proud to have all of the InkPug’s “Famous Pugs” pins displayed proudly on my purse. Not only are we happy to have all of our famous pug friends decorate my purse, but we’re grateful to have contributed to a worthy cause. The proceeds from these special InkPug pins raised over $6200 for six animal rescue organizations!

And can we just talk about how CUTE Chloe Bisou is in her lace-up winter mint sweatshirt? She’s been in quite a few sweatshirts lately, but she loves trotting around in them because they’re soft, warm, and comfortable. She’s worn this one so many times in the last two weeks that we’ve had to wash it already.

Wishing you all a wonderful week– stay warm everyone!

Heather: Pug sweatshirt, from Forever21, sold out online (except in Plus Size) but check your local Forever21 for inventory. Pleated maxi skirt, from my closet, find a similar skirt here. Black moto jacket, originally from TJ Maxx, find one similar here. Glitter ankle boots, found in Santee Alley (LA’s Fashion District), find a similar pair here

Chloe Bisou: Lace-up sweatshirt and pearls handmade by The Stylish Bisou. (Lace-up sweatshirt is available by request only, feel free to contact us if you’d like more info on price and ordering.) 


Bisou Bow Sweaters

It’s Thanksgiving week darlings! Turkey Day is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year because it’s the only day that Chloe Bisou and I get to unabashedly and unapologetically gorge ourselves with our favorite treats. We both love food entirely too much.

Except that this year, we’re going to cool it with the gorging part.

Since we’ve moved from our families in Washington state, we don’t cook a turkey any more, but we usually make a special meal; a rack of lamb, a tri-tip, or a prime rib with all the yummy fixings (sorry darlings, I’m not vegan.) But this year I think we’re going to keep it simple: no mountains of buttery mash potatoes, no piling my plate with crescent rolls, and no Costco size pumpkin pies.

Truthfully, nowadays I have “gorging hangovers.” I eat too much (and enjoy it while I eat it) but then feel sick and swollen for a week… or longer. So we’re keeping things smaller, simpler, and healthier this year.

Chloe Bisou and her siblings will get a special treat this year though. We like getting pumpkin ice cream from The Bear and The Rat for them, because we know how much they LOVE it! If they can’t share in pumpkin pie with us, it’s the next best thing.

Chloe Bisou and I are also going to be comfortable in our Bisou Bow sweaters for Black Friday shopping. I wonder what wonderful treasures we’ll find in all of the sales and mayhem…? Not that we need anything, we just sometimes like to peek at the deals… well, and people watch. Ha!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Whatever they are, we hope that you have a fantastic holiday full of food, family, friends, and good cheer! Much love to you all!

Heather: Bisou Bow Sweater, handmade by yours truly. Adidas Originals, pink Stan Smith shoes. Oversized sparkle hoop earrings, originally from Bebe, find a similar pair here. Nude colored sunglasses, originally from Urban Outfitters, find your own fave pair of sunglasses here. Faux leather backpack, a gift sent from my sister in Japan, find a similar bag here

Chloe Bisou: Bisou Bow Sweater and pearls handmade by The Stylish Bisou. 

Cozied Up In Fuzzy Wuzzies

Let’s be honest here folks; it’s hard to tell this week where the pug hair begins and the fuzz ends. Chloe Bisou and I are (finally) embracing autumn by essentially becoming a pair of fuzzy pompoms.

But holy snug-pug, our fuzzy jackets are cozy! By San Diego standards it’s been chilly lately and I was actually too toasty in this jacket. It’s faux fur but still does the job of keeping us warm!

And the great part is that I don’t have to feel awkward about being covered in pug hair in this outfit… it just blends right in.

What’s funny is that although Chloe Bisou, like me, is a Washingtonian pug and lived the first years of her life in snowy winters, she’s acclimated to San Diego weather. Now when it drops below 70 degrees, she shivers. NO exaggeration! So she loved being cozied up in her gold sparkly faux fur.

We hope that you’re all staying warm and having a wonderful November so far!

Heather: Faux fur jacket, by Cynthia Rowley found at TJ Maxx, find your new favorite jacket here. Crimson faux leather skirt, originally from Nordstrom Rack, find a similar skirt here. Black ankle boots, originally from Zara, find a pair of similar boots here. Taupe Bow handbag, from my closet, find a similar bag here. Heart drop earrings, found in the LA Fashion District, get a pair just like these here. Black, oversized, round sunnies,

Chloe Bisou: Custom handmade faux fur jacket, sparkly gold stretch necklaces, and gold head bow, all from The Stylish Bisou. 


Celebrating Dia de los Muertos

Happy Halloween everyone! As you can see we’re dressed up, but we’re doing things a little differently this year.

This year, Chloe Bisou and I are honoring Día de los Muertos— but please don’t ask me to pronounce it because tragically, I will butcher it. Let’s just say we’re honoring Day of The Dead.

I don’t think it’s been any secret that this year has been tough, both collectively and personally. Between the natural disasters, the tragedy in Vegas, saying goodbye to so many precious dogs, and the heartbreaking loss in our own family, we thought that honoring Day of The Dead would be an appropriate way to pay homage.

If you’re not familiar, (I wasn’t until I moved to Southern California) Día de los Muertos is an ancient cultural holiday that dates back to the Aztecs. It later was woven into the Spanish holidays All Saints Day and all Souls Day. And although now it coincides with Halloween, they are very different celebrations.

Day of The Dead is a three day event observed October 31st-November 2nd.

Despite its gruesome sounding name, Día de los Muertos is intended to celebrate and honor the spirits of our family/ancestors who’ve passed. It is not a time to mourn or be sad about their death…In fact, it is believed that spirits are deeply insulted by mourning. Instead, Day of The Dead is a time to bless the lives of those we’ve lost, remember why we loved them, and help guide them on their spiritual journey.

There is also a belief that at midnight on October 31st, the gates of heaven open and children who’ve passed are reunited with their families for 24 hours. We thought how wonderful this would be if it also applied to the rainbow bridge–we would gladly welcome any pet spirits!

And although Day of The Dead has spread its way through pop culture, it is very seriously celebrated in parts of Mexico and Latin America. Large beautifully decorated altars are built and filled with flowers, sugar skulls, and the foods and drinks returning spirits would enjoy. People dress up. They dance, party, and play music. There are festivities in the streets and celebrations at cemeteries.

AND–this year Mexico City had a huge Día de los Muertos parade held in honor of those who passed in recent earthquakes.

You can learn more about Día de los Muertos by visiting National Geographic, or by visiting this great website I found about the history of the celebration and the significance of the sugar skull.

Regardless of what anyone believes spiritually or religiously, we think the premise of Día de los Muertos is a beautiful and mystical way to honor those who are gone but never forgotten.

May you all have a blessed Día de los Muertos and Happy Halloween!

P.S. Yes, I made both of our dresses, floral crowns, necklaces, and did my own makeup. (Wink!)


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