The Week of (Pug) L-O-V-E

Hello darlings and welcome to the week of L-O-V-E!

I’m going to be perfectly honest: I don’t like Valentine’s Day. It’s not because I feel unloved or jaded. I just haven’t ever gotten into the whole hype of Valentine’s Day.

For many years I worked at Macy’s (I used to dress the mannequins and build displays), and every Valentine’s Day I’d peek into the perfume & jewelry departments, chuckling at the sea of wide-eyed men. Besides Christmas Eve, it was the only day of the year you’d see that many men in Macy’s.

I felt sorry for the poor guys.

What’s funny is that some things never change– I guarantee if I popped into Macy’s on Wednesday, it’d be filled with the same bewildered group of men. And while the intentions of those poor husbands and boyfriends are probably good, the insincerity of it all is barf-worthy to me. Rushing to get a gift on the day of a holiday, for the sake of a societal marketing ploy? Bleh.  

Wait… am I slowly growing into a cynical old lady?


I’ve always been cynical. 

And for the record, I don’t even like red roses. They don’t smell nearly as wonderful as the yellow… or white…or peach roses. Also, I pity the fool who tries to buy me MILK chocolate. Anyone who actually knows me, knows that I prefer dark chocolate over milk, and caramel over anything.

But to all of you lovers out there who still believe in romantic gestures, we are truly hoping you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Chloe Bisou and I will be probably hitting the sack early, snuggling under the covers and sharing a warm cup of tea. THAT to me is true (pug) love.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

Heather: Handmade striped pink dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Fuchsia and sequin bow heels, Betsey Johnson, find a similar pair here. White sunglasses,, find a similar pair here.

Chloe Bisou: Handmade striped pink dress and pink pearls, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. 

Peechy Kean

This is the last sweater dress we’ll wear this year, we promise.


Obviously, we’ve been obsessed with sweater dresses this year, but shoot– they’ve been the comfiest way for both of us to look cute this winter!

And yes, I know I spelled “peachy keen” wrong in the title. But that’s been the story of my life lately. After working the entirety of my adult life surrounded by conversational co-workers, I now work full time for myself.

Because I’m not interacting daily with an office full of people and talking, I find myself in social situations jumbling my words and hardly able to even string a decent sentence together.

Are conversational skills “use it or lose it?”

Perhaps I should talk aloud to Chloe Bisou more. But then she’d demand more treats and I’d be interrupting her disciplined nap schedule.  Maybe I’ll have to do a Toast Masters class or something.

In any case, enjoy our peechy kean (wink!) sweater dresses. Happy February everyone– it’s almost spring!

And as a side note to this week’s outfits, white boots (of every length) are having a huge moment in 2018, which I believe will carry over into Fall Fashion. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a pair of white boots now if you see them; boots are always cheapest in early spring.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Heather: Tie-front (or tie-back) fuzzy peach sweater dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. White boots, found in the LA Fashion District, find a similar pair here. Polar Bear crossbody purse, Kate Spade (from last year; YES, I wear last year’s fashions!), find your own favorite Kate Spade purse here. Mirrored shield sunnies, Forever21. 

Chloe Bisou: Tie-back fuzzy peach sweater, handmade by The Stylish Bisou (available on request)


A Year Older Than I Was Last Year

My birthday is on Wednesday. How old will I be? A year older than I was last year and perhaps just a teensy bit wiser.

Also happening on Wednesday is a very rare, super blue blood moon, which is pretty freaking cool. To have a celestial trifecta like this on my birthday is truly “once in a blue moon…” It won’t happen again in my lifetime anyway.

Anyhoo. As I tiptoe to the edge of my 30’s with this birthday, I am becoming more at peace with welcoming 40.

I don’t think that I made it any secret that last year was a beast for me. Everything I thought was secure in life, crumbled before my eyes. Compounded by feeling the anxiety and pressure of trying to BE SOMEBODY before turning 40 (a high powered career woman? An entrepreneur? A good wife? a mom?), I damn near lost my mind. I spent the better half of last year overwhelmed and lost.

This year, on the outside I may still seem lost, but on the inside, I am regaining my strength and self respect. Do I know my purpose yet? Nope. But I know what makes me happy.

I don’t know where life is going to take us, but Chloe Bisou and I are on our way.

And speaking of happy, these sparkly party dresses definitely bring me joy! So– happy freaking birthday to me!

Happy birthday fellow Aquarians!


Cold Shoulders

Finally, a Pantone color of the year that we can get excited about: Ultra Violet! Shades of purple haven’t been “trendy” for the past few years, but we’ve always loved purple so we’re thrilled to see it front and center for 2018!

BUT, before we get too deep into our love of violet hues, I’d like to share a story.

Once upon a time– in the early 1990’s– lived a pre-teen girl who loved fashion. In this particular year, cold shoulder shirts were all the rage. When the girl saw them at school, in fashion magazines and all over the coolest girls on TV, she longed for one obsessively. However, this girl’s family was very poor and couldn’t afford the trendiest clothes.

One desperate day, the girl got a creative stroke of genius. She took the slimmest t-shirt out of her closet, a pair of scissors and a small bottle of Elmer’s glue.

Surely you can guess what happened next– she cut the shoulders off the sleeves of her t-shirt, glued the raw edges into a makeshift hem, and WALL-AH! It was a trendy cold shoulder shirt.

Obviously, the story is about me.

And the shirt was hideous. It was bright orange, and the Elmer’s glue had bled through the fabric, making parts of the “cut-out shoulder hem” stiff and discolored. But I wore that stupid shirt to school…once.

And only once because that day when I got home and my mom saw it, I was in SO MUCH trouble. She scolded me partly because the shirt looked so ship-shoddy, and partly because I’d ruined a perfectly good shirt with my hair-brained idea. But I never forgot my orange cold shoulder shirt.

When cold shoulder shirts started re-appearing last year, I giggled thinking back to my days of fashion desperation and “genius” ideas.

Apparently I was always destined to make my own clothes- HA!

So, this week, Chloe Bisou and I are giving a nod to Pantone’s gorgeous color of the year, but also my inner pre-teen who just wanted a GD cold shoulder shirt! (As you can see, Chloe Bisou is also styling a cold shoulder! wink!)

What do you remember about the fashion you loved from your pre-teen/teen years? Feel free to share your story in a comment below!

Heather: Deep violet, velvet dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Necklace, originally from TopShop, find your own badass TopShop necklace here. Raspberry colored velvet heels,, find a similar pair (on sale!) here. Black mirrored cat eye sunglasses, from my closet, find a similar pair on

Chloe Bisou: Deep violet, velvet peplum dress, and pink necklace, made by The Stylish Bisou (dress available upon request)

Hate Me…Don’t Hate Me

We’ve been getting the most hateful DM’s lately. 

What a way to start our diary entry this week, eh? Ha!

But seriously, people have been sending us the worst private messages, in an effort I suppose, to make sure I feel like a terrible person. (I don’t, but nice try.)

I was laughingly telling someone about these messages and asking “would people EVER have the nerve to say these horrible things to my face?” To which LIFE answered, yes. Yes, they would.

Because on our next photo shoot (for our most recent diary entry), we had an embarrassing amount of heckling. One guy yelled “your dog looks like she’s in hell!” (Notable fact: HIS face looked like HE was in hell.)

But I take it all with a grain of salt. I either ignore the hate, or respond with something nice.

And although it’s easy to take things personally, I always remind myself that A) they don’t know anything about me and B) what people say to others is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves (super cliché, but VERY true).

So- hate me, don’t hate me… either way, IDGAF. I’ll just be sitting here with Gooey, basking in pug love (and self love).

We are wishing you all a week full of positivity and pug (self) love!

Heather: Don’t Hate Me sweatshirt, made by The Stylish Bisou. Over-the-knee boots, originally from Macy’s, find a similar pair here. Heart earrings, bought in the LA Fashion District, find your favorite pair of large drop earrings from Forever21 here

Gooey is in a Don’t Hate Me sweatshirt made by The Stylish Bisou available on Etsy

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