Pug + Pug = Spring Pug Love

We’ve never made it any secret that we’re pug obsessed...fashion obsessed… and pug-fashion obsessed. Which is why when I got this pug purse for Christmas, I was super excited (thanks mom!).

So this week, we’re double pugged, although Chloe Bisou is OBVI the cooler of the two. After all, she has the most kissable snout, the most fragrant ears and is wearing the cutest spring denim dress (if we say so ourselves).

Chloe Bisou seems to think that my pug handbag is pretty awesome though, because every time I reach into his head, a treat appears. This week is spring pug love for both of us!

Wishing you all a wonderful last week in April! Happy Spring!



Heather: Pink ruffle shirt and skirt combo, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Black ankle tie sandals, from my closet, find a similar pair at ASOS here. Pug handbag, found at a Boutique in Washington State, find one online here. Black oversized sunnies, ZeroUV.com. Round black necklace, originally from H&M, sold out but find your own favorite necklace here

Chloe Bisou: Hearts-on-denim dress, handmade by the Stylish Bisou(find the fabric here). Pink pearl necklace, handmade by Dazzles By Darla. 






Pixies and Blue Stripes

There were two things we had on our style list this spring: wear lots of stripes and rock new pixie cuts. Done and done.

Although technically Chloe’s pixie isn’t new. I always joke that I like having short hair because it makes me feel more like Chloe Bisou; we both have short blonde hair. Ha!

But in all seriousness, I can’t stop cutting my hair. I just got done growing it for 7 months into a bob and then one morning 2 weeks ago, suddenly decided it needed to be short again.

I’ll be honest though, cutting my hair this short doesn’t happen without a tiny bit of nervousness. I stand in front of the mirror for a good few minutes, psyching myself up before taking the scissors to it. (Yes, I cut my own hair…Something, I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re a trained professional.)

After it’s all said and done though, having short hair feels So. Darn. Good. It’s easy to style, feels nice off my neck in warm weather, and is great for showing off this season’s fabulous earrings and stylish sunnies.

Chloe Bisou is just lucky she doesn’t have to worry about bang trims! Stay tuned for more on our stripe obsession this spring- ha!

Heather: Blue & white stripe maxi dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Blue T-Strap heels, GoJane.com. Chandelier earrings, Lulu Frost, courtesy of Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley, find a similar pair here. Purple tote, courtesy of Neiman Marcus, find your next favorite handbag here. Cat eye sunglasses, find a similar pair from here from Forever21.

Chloe Bisou: Blue & white stripe dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. 

And as a final note this week: we wanted to especially thank everyone who voted for us to win the #EtsySmallBusiness Contest! We more than tripled our amount of votes over this past weekend!! And although it’s impossible to gauge where we rank right now, all of your kindness has made us feel like winners. Regardless of what the future brings, we are so grateful to call you all friends.❤

(If you haven’t voted, we would greatly appreciate your support! If we win the contest, we’ll be able to keep our Etsy store open. Feel free to read more here. Voting goes until April 6th, you can vote here: http://wshe.es/VWbqMGCv.)

Our Etsy is Closing Indefinitely, April 15th

Revision, March 25th 2017: in the hub-bub of deciding to close our Etsy store, we plum forgot that we’re still participating in Etsy Small Business Contest which is awarding $10,000 to one Etsy winner to help with business costs. If by some miracle we win this contest on April 6th, we will remain open. Feel free to vote for us and spread the word, by visiting: http://wshe.es/VWbqMGCv! 


Well folks. It seems like just yesterday that we re-opened our Stylish Bisou Etsy store. It was in fact, only a month ago.

Sadly, today we are announcing that we will be closing again. Indefinitely.

We’re tapped out on resources and finances and so I’ve made the decision to pursue a different career path in order to make ends meet.

After we close our Etsy doors on April 15th we will no longer be taking ANY ORDER REQUESTS. So if you want something from us, please order it before then.

Am I sad about closing? Yes, immensely.

Am I embarrassed? You bet. I feel like I’m taking a face plant in front of a crowd. It’s been a huge embarrassment to be so unprofessional and continue going back and forth: “we’re opening”– “Oh, no, now we’re closing.” Excuse me while I roll my eyes at myself.

But I am at peace with my decision to pursue a full time job elsewhere; sometimes things just don’t work out and the only thing I can do is keep moving onward.

We will still be around however as The Stylish Bisou– Chloe Bisou and I will still blog and try to spread the pug love on social media. It’s the only avenue we have to express our love of fashion & creativity, so that will stay.

We will also be participating in a ton of FUN Fashion Week San Diego events this spring and summer, culminating into a fabulous runway show in October.

Thank you so much, as always for all of your kind words and support. I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve them, but they’re always greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring week!


March Showers & March Flowers

After living in San Diego for five years, we’ve finally had the pleasure of experiencing a rainy winter. I say this statement with partial sarcasm, because a) it has not actually been a pleasure and b) the “rainy winter weather” pales in comparison to living in Portland, and yet, I’ve managed to be a complete pansy about it.

You see, even after the short while that we’ve lived here, we’ve been lulled into the comfort of 70 degree and sunny days. So when the rain storms started in December and then kept coming… and coming… and coming… they became increasingly colder, more damaging, and certainly more of a nuisance to endure. Like I said, I’m being a pansy.

However– and this is a BIG HOWEVER– within the last two weeks, every inch of San Diego has bloomed into the most vibrant shades of pink, purple, orange, green, and yellow I’ve ever seen. The freeway exit we take to go home is a field of nearly blinding neon yellow flowers. And I’m fairly sure they’re all wildflowers.

If I thought San Diego was magnificent every previous year, it’s come that much more alive after a winter full of rain. It’s breathtaking for all of the senses; it looks gorgeous, it smells heavenly, and the birds sound wonderful.

I always love spring, but I have a feeling I’ll always look back on spring 2017 and remember it as an especially beautiful one.

ANYHOO- this week our outfits are in honor of the rainy winter which has turned into a rainy San Diego spring. I have my rain boots on, and Chloe Bisou is wearing her new waterproof reversible rain jacket.

And thanks to our pug friends Violet & Timmy on Instagram, who also are experiencing a rainy spring, we’ve designed a few new pup rain jackets that will be available in our Etsy shop this week. They’re reversible, sleeveless, made with CPSIA tested Laminate Cotton and as always, made with a lot of attention and love. For more details on the patterns we’re offering, feel free to visit The Stylish Bisou on Etsy.

Is it spring yet where you live? We’re wishing you all a fantastic first week of spring!

Heather: Plaid drop-waist dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Navy & pink rain boots, Kamik Olivia style, purchased on Amazon. Hello Hallie tote, Kate Spade, sold out, find a similar colorful tote by visiting KateSpade.com. Rosebud earrings, H&M. Laser cut, cat-eye white sunglasses, ZeroUv.com. 

Chloe Bisou: Reversible rain jacket/dress style with matching leash. Available in The Stylish Bisou Etsy store. 

Gooey Gooey Gingham

If I were perusing the interwebs and happened upon a blog post with the title “Gooey Gooey Gingham” I would immediately think the person who’d wrote it was insane.

Gooey chocolate chip cookies? Makes sense. Gooey brownies? Even better. But Gooey gingham? It sounds nonsensical.

However, it DOES make sense in the context of the The Stylish Bisou world, and if we say so ourselves, Gooey and gingham pair exceptionally well together.

Obvi, we’re talking about the sweet little nugget who is the star of this week’s #OOTW, Monsieur Gooey–Aka Goku, Aka GOO– in his blue gingham button-up shirt. It’s all about the Goo-Bear this week.

Anyhoo, lately we’ve been trying exceptionally hard to pull in those spring vibes, because darn it! It’s been winter for entirely too long. Who’s with us?

So here’s the scoop with these outfits: this is last year’s fabric that we used for our FWSD Spring Showcase & was a coordinated piece with our spring 2016 collection. This year it doesn’t “go” with our color scheme. So we need to get rid of it.

Which is why it’s part of our Spring Sale in our Etsy Shoppe!

This dapper teal gingham shirt AND the flamingo MollysPawtique (normally $12, now $6.99) are both on sale until we sell out. In addition to this shirt, we added a bunch of last year’s bow ties (featuring Curly Tail Ties & MollysPawtique). And we’ll be continuing to add more sale items this month.

We are also selling this women’s matching ruffle dress ($65.99) or the same style as a shirt (44.99) with the purchase of the dog shirt. So, if you like it, please feel free to contact us or check it out on Etsy!

And if you happen to read ALL the way through our blatherings, we think you deserve a reward- ha! Feel free to use the code BISOU15 to get 15% off your Stylish Bisou Etsy purchase for the month of March.

We add new items every week, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s all collectively think “spring, spring, spring,” & maybe she’ll finally be coaxed out! Sending light & positivity to you all…





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