FWSD16 Designers We’re Keeping Our Eyes On


Photo courtesy of @FashionWeekSD on Instagram


We spent the majority of Fashion Week San Diego recaps talking about our own collection. However, we were proud to be a part of such a great group of designers and were impressed with all of the runway shows this year.

So we’ve decided to do a quick spotlight on a few of the designers we think have a bright future ahead of them. And although we would love to talk about all 26 of the talented designers, we’ve chosen to highlight six of our personal faves. Here are the designers that we’re keeping our eyes on.

KillEm With Chic

From the moment I laid eyes on the sassy quips sprawled across the KillEm With Chic tees, I was hooked. I quickly snagged a few and wore them all summer, but could have easily bought them all. They’re relatable, cheeky, and easy to wear with any outfit. They also have a boutique collection full of super stylish jackets, dresses, and shirts. Check them out by visiting Killemwithchic.com!

KillEmwithChicLuis Rivera

“I want that in my closet,” was the reaction I gave to every piece that came down the runway at Luis Rivera’s show. Luis Rivera has a great eye for modern styles and tailors to perfection. My favorite dress was a stunning party dress covered in oversized pearlescent sequins. Learn more about this talented designer by visiting www.luis-rivas.com.


Valleau Apparel

This successful active-wear designer put on a fantastic FWSD runway show! Not only are her pieces wearable, but she puts a stylish twist on what would normally be boring sports bras, tanks, and leggings. We LOVE her clothing and cannot wait for her to someday open a store (fingers crossed)! Be sure to check out Valleau Apparel at Valleauapparel.com.


Odd Bird Designs

Deliciously fuzzy, modern and cute is how I would describe this collection that graced the FWSD16 runway. I adored her unique aesthetic and could easily envision rocking out in several of her dresses. Take a peek at Odd Bird Designs’ awesome pieces by visiting their website here.



We loved Timmithea’s 2015 collection and were equally wowed by the pieces that came down the 2016 runway. We love her eye for bright colors, colorful prints and modern silhouettes. We highly recommend checking out her amazing pieces by visiting Timmithea.com.


As Much Again

This Southern California based label put a beautiful collection of romantic pieces down the FWSD 2016 runway. As Much Again’s runway show was young, modern, and flirty– everything we love about clothes! Take a peek at their collection by visiting Asmuchagain.com.


We would also like to congratulate FWSD16’s top designers:

These are well deserved accolades for very talented designers!

Wishing everyone a great week….


Fashion Week San Diego 2016 Recap


It seems like just yesterday, Chloe Bisou and I were nervously standing backstage at FWSD16, eighteen models clad in Stylish Bisou clothes lined up ahead of us, waiting to strut the runway.

After it was all done, I was half filled with exhilaration and half ready to collapse into my bed and sleep for a very long time. Truth be told, I’ve been fighting off a ferocious virus for the past few weeks and once it was all over, I finally felt my body fully succumb to it. And so, that is exactly what Chloe Bisou and I did; slept for a very very long time. But I digress.

I wanted to do a proper recap Fashion Week San Diego, because it truly was an amazing experience, but I’ve been holding off in hopes that I could post the official video I purchased of our runway show. I haven’t received the video yet, so instead I’ll share some pictures and our recent Periscope broadcast.

The importance of our latest Periscope video is that we wanted to make sure to thank EVERYONE who made our Fashion Week experience possible. It was a whirlwind of a year, and none of it would have been possible without all of YOU! Feel free to watch it at your leisure.

And without further ado, here are the fabulous photos from Fashion Week San Diego 2016. Most of these photos are courtesy of FWSD and 656Photography (who, by the way, is an amazing photographer!) Special thanks again goes out to ALL of the models for making our collection look so fabulous.
























Photo courtesy of Locale Magazine




Chloe Bisou loved her new friend (& designer) Alexandra Marie.

Stay tuned for our official FWSD16 The Stylish Bisou video, and otherwise…




Introducing, The Bisou Babes

FWSD16DesignerThe long awaited week is finally here… It’s Fashion Week in San Diego darlings!

The Stylish Bisou will be hitting the runway at 6pm PST, at Hotel La Jolla on Saturday October 1st. Tickets are still available for purchase by visiting the Fashion Week San Diego website-– Correction; since publishing this blog, we’ve learned that Fashion Week San Diego tickets are now SOLD OUT!

However, for our beautiful friends all over the world, we are happy to announce that we will be broadcasting our show live on Periscope! (FYI- It will be my husband filming the live stream, so don’t expect a lot of interaction.)

You can watch the broadcast on the Periscope app, through your Twitter feed if you follow us on Twitter, or online by clicking this link: https://www.periscope.tv/thestylishbisou.

As a prelude to what’s to come this week, we thought it’d be fun to get you acquainted with our squad of gorgeous dog models. Introducing, the Bisou Babes.


Lulu, Pug

Most likely to get ID’d when she turns 15. Favorite color is pink leopard. Follow her stylish adventures on Instagram, @lulu_and_coco.



Ferdinand, French Bulldog

Heartbreaker. On weekends, you can find him shopping. Total hottie AND sweetheart; currently in training to become a therapy dog. Follow Ferdinand on Instagram, @ferdinand_the_frenchbulldog.



Sir Ruffles Von Vicious, Poodle Mix

Big name, little body, most likely to melt your heart. Rescue dog, now living the pampered life in San Diego. Follow this cutie on Instagram, @hrm_sir_ruffles.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-9-46-31-amKingston, Pug

Most likely to be in a mariachi band when he grows up. Living the pug life in Los Angeles, CA. Follow Kingston on Instagram, @kingstonthepug.



Emma, French Bulldog

Best Dressed.  A beautiful girl with a passion for fashion & accessories (she even has her own line of necklaces!). Avid connoisseur of strawberries and cheese. Follow Emma on Instagram, @emma_rose_the_fancy_frenchie.


Nella, Dachsund

Most likely to star in her own reality TV series. Can smell –and beg for– a carrot from across the room. Follow her and beautiful mama’s adventures on Instagram, @JennaPilant.


Cricket, Boston Terrier

Most known for her long model legs. When she’s not strutting the runway she enjoys riding her Harley Davidson, using her celebrity status to bring awareness to charities who raise money for wounded veterans and their families. Follow Cricket on Instagram, @cricket_the_bostonterrier.


Max, Boston Terrier/Pug Mix, Aka Bug

Most likely to make a career out of professional cuddling… Then spend all his earnings on treats! Follow Max on Instagram, @OurBugsLife


Gooey, Pug

Most likely to misbehave in Las Vegas. Also known as mama’s little Wuv-Nugget. 


Chloe Bisou, Pug

Most likely to be a ghost writer for any one of Paris Hilton’s dogs. Never met a treat she doesn’t love. 

See you all on the runway!




Matchy Matchy


Before I talk about our matchy matchy outfits….

Last Tuesday Chloe Bisou, Gooey, and I had the honor of appearing on a The CW6’s San Diego Living segment to promote Fashion Week San Diego (feel free to watch it here: http://bit.ly/2cltYuA).

Admittedly– and it’s super uncool for me to confess this, but– I was insanely nervous. Even after many years of throwing myself into public appearance and speaking opportunities, how well I do is always a crap shoot. I either: let the nerves subside and speak with poise and ease OR I let the nerves take over and lose my damn mind.

In this case, I pretty much forgot everything important I wanted to say about our collection. Most of the segment was a blur– Oy!!

Thankfully the founder of Fashion Week San Diego, Allison Andrews–who is a fantastic public speaker– was able to fill in most of the holes where I went amiss.


Part of the stress though comes from managing two pugs, who are sweet as pie at home, but in public places also sometimes like to lose their damn minds.

Take the minutes leading up to our segment for instance.

Directly prior to our TV debut, San Diego Living was shooting a segment to promote a food/restaurant festival happening in San Diego that week. Chloe Bisou, Gooey and I were instructed to sit on a couch and wait to be filmed as a “teaser” before commercial break.

This couch–of course–just HAD to be mere steps from the food festival spread. The aroma of steaks, pastries, seafood filled the pug’s noses… and they sat in the background of the entire TV segment CRYING their eyes out, unable to be consoled. Their whimpers so shrill and loud, I swear they could be heard for miles. So by the time they panned to us for the “teaser” I was out of sorts, blushing from embarrassment and sweating.

Actually, it was hard to tell if Chloe Bisou was crying for the food, or upset because the camera wasn’t paying attention to HER.

Nonetheless, we had a great time, and after the segment wrapped Gooey even got some loves from the host, Lynda Martin. (He was seriously in love with her!)


And so, if you’ve seen the segment, the cat’s out of the bag. The tidbit we’ve kept under wraps this summer, but was revealed on San Diego Living is that The Stylish Bisou will be debuting a collection of HUMAN clothes that coordinate with the dog clothes on the Fashion Week San Diego runway.

As a sneak peek of what to expect, Chloe Bisou and I did a separate photo shoot to show off our matchy matchy outfits. And thanks to our beautiful friends at Dazzles By Darla, we were perfectly accessorized!










Mama’s skirt even has pockets, perfect for poo bags and treats!











Special thanks this week goes to:

Our sweet Instagram friends @circus_pugs, who sent us a fabulous kit of goodies and makeup, which included the red lipstick I wore for the TV segment and photo shoot.

Fashion Week San Diego for letting us nut-cases do a TV segment with them (and for helping me manage the dogs all morning!)

And finally, to our gorgeous and stylish friends Jenna Pilant & Nella for appearing with us on the San Diego Living segment, decked out in The Stylish Bisou matching outfits and Dazzles By Darla pearls.


Now, back to the sewing cave! Don’t forget, our Fashion Week San Diego is September 29- October 2nd, and our runway show is at Hotel La Jolla October 1st! Tickets and more information are available at FashionWeekSD.com!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


Pennies From Heaven

metallic shoes

Is it weird that I find symbolism in the small things? Externally I live mostly as a pragmatic person, but every so often the funny little nuances of life give me pause.

Take this summer for instance. I’ve had a rather mundane schedule, not doing much more than the gym and work. However, I keep finding change on the ground. Day after day at least once a day, dimes, quarters, nickels, pennies– you name it, I’ve been finding it. Even as I write this I realize how silly it sounds to think any significance of it.

But the circumstances to which I found some of the coinage has been peculiar. It seemed to be following me everywhere.

One morning a dime was sitting at the gym pool directly in front of the lane I usually swim in… despite the fact that there are five lanes in the pool AND it was already full of other swimmers who could’ve easily chosen that lane first.

Another day, I found a penny on the floor at the grocery check-out. Being that it wasn’t THAT unusual I picked it up, showed my husband, and then placed it on the counter for another person to find. I stepped out of that same grocery story minutes later only to find two more pennies on the ground on the way back to our parked car.

One of the days I exited my garage (otherwise known as the design studio I work in every day) for a quick lunch break. Upon my return, a dime was sitting directly in front of my garage door.

On my short vacation back home to Washington state, I stepped out of a store in the local shopping mall to hear my sister say “Heather look, a penny!”

And it’s continued like this throughout nearly the entire summer. Even my husband started thinking it was strange.IMG_4759

Now– you could say “well, Heather, you must be looking at the ground too much,” and perhaps I am. Maybe I’m continually following the world’s clumsiest wallet holders. Maybe since I’ve seen coins a few times, my mind is now LOOKING for them.

But that doesn’t explain how I could go years without seeing so much as a penny on the ground, to suddenly finding dimes and quarters at my feet nearly every single day for several weeks.

And so the pragmatic Heather gives way to a more spiritual Heather. It’s been no secret that this summer has been challenging, mentally, emotionally and physically. Which makes me wonder….

Is it possible that a special person from above has been chucking coins at me? I’m not sure where I’ve heard the expression, “pennies from heaven” before, but is it possible that’s where they’re coming from?

Regardless of where the coins are actually from, I have in fact found the coins to be a meaningful symbolization of prosperity, gratitude, and determination.  To me, the coins have been a message that I’m on the path I need to be on right now. I need to stay the course, ignore the urge to give up and remember that paths paved with seemingly meager coins, are “worth” it in the end.

As the summer fades, so too has the amount of coins I’ve found recently. They did succeed in inspiring me however, and if nothing else, gave me a good chuckle.

So, thank you friend from heaven. (I know it was you, and I miss you.) I got the coins and the message that accompanied them loud and clear. 



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