A Bisou NYE 2016

These are our last outfits of 2016! And although our Bisou NYE celebrations will be quiet this year, Chloe Bisou and I couldn’t resist getting dressed up one last time to bid 2016 farewell.

You could say, we’re all dressed up with nowhere to go… which aptly describes the story of our lives- ha!

I am a person who normally loves change and happily welcomes a new year. I approach every January with a refreshed attitude and renewed sense of motivation. This year however, as I send 2016 off (with a one finger salute to be more accurate), I also look to the horizon of 2017 with trepidation.

I remain unsure of how I feel about the condition of our world… our country… our state… our neighborhood…and how I fit into it.

What I do know however, is that I’m forever grateful for many things in my life, namely…

My pets who shower me with more love than I deserve at times.

….My husband who remains my greatest ally and best friend.

….My mom & sisters whose support has gotten me through some of my darkest days.

….My friends, who daily restore my faith in humanity (a lot of them are actually from Instagram & Twitter– you know who you are & we love you!).

I couldn’t have made it through 2016 with these peeps!!! And so, I tiptoe into 2017 grateful, but with heightened caution.

The other thing I know: that Chloe Bisou looks ADORBS in her black cherry ball gown. Also, dressing in sequins, lace, and tulle is the perfect way to conclude the holidays and say byyyyyyyyyye to 2016!

We hope that everyone has fun and safe celebrations this evening to ring in 2017. See you all next year! 



Outfit Details

Heather: Dark red sequin dress, found at Nordstrom Rack, find a similar one here. Black moto jacket, last year’s “Who What Wear” for Target, find a similar jacket hereBlack “Playground” heels, ASOS. Choker necklace, find one similar here

Chloe Bisou: Black Cherry lace over 12 layers of tulle, dress handmade by The Stylish Bisou. 

2016 Finale, “12 Days of Christmas…Dresses”

As Christmas 2016 comes to a close, we are especially thanking all of the beautiful darlings who were a part of our “12 Days of Christmas…Dresses” holiday countdown this year.

If you missed it, we made special one-of-a-kind holiday outfits and each day on our social media, we revealed a new beautiful pup in their Stylish Bisou attire.

Sewing the outfits and then seeing each of the pups in them, gave Chloe Bisou and I more joy than we can express. It was certainly the highlight of our holiday! And now, we are happy to share all twelve days of Christmas…dresses. Enjoy!

We kicked off the first day of Christmas with beautiful Miss Pixel in silver and blue. Follow Pixel, @pugnaciousgifts on Instagram & Twitter. 

On the second day of Christmas, we had elegant Ella in holiday tartan. Follow @ellathepuggriffon on Instagram.

On the third day of Christmas we had a our token handsome boy of the group, our friend, OliPie in a red velvet jacket. Follow @oliver_thepugpig on Instagram. 

On the fourth day of Christmas, Bella gave us holiday glamour in an untraditional color: teal! Follow Bella, @dq805 on Instagram & Twitter. 

The fifth day of Christmas brought the sassy & glamorous girls, Lulu & Coco in gold & green. Follow Lulu & Coco on Instagram, @lulu_and_coco

On the sixth day of Christmas was darling Daisy, topped with a sparkly holiday bow. Follow Daisy on Instagram, @3pugsandabiscuit

The seventh day of Christmas, Violet & Timmy graced our countdown in their holiday pink & grey. Follow Violet and Timmy on Instagram, @Violet_pug & @TimmyoPug, on Twitter, @Violet_pug and Facebook

The eight day of Christmas brought these cuties in holiday red & plaid, Figment & Cogsworth. Follow @figsandcogs on Instagram. 

On the ninth day of Christmas, Demi & Frankie brought us a little holiday Hollywood glam! Follow Demi & Frankie on Instagram, @sntuzz.  

On the 10th day of Christmas, we had gorgeous Miss Emma Rose in her pink holiday finery. Follow Emma on Instagram, @emma_rose_the_fancy_frenchie.

The 11th day of Christmas, we had two precious emerald pugs, Spanky and Darla. Follow @spankythepug on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

On the 12th day of Christmas, we concluded our holiday countdown with our beautiful friends, Rosie & Bella dolled up in plum & teal. Follow Rosie & Bella on Twitter @tntdexter, and Instagram, @tracy_dexter

And finally, our Christmas Day cuties include this decked out grumble, Walter, Vinny, Wyatt, and Tinkerbelle. Follow these sweet pugs at @Tinkerbelle_pug on Instagram and Twitter.

We also wanted to do a few more holiday shoutouts to some beautiful pups who also wore The Stylish Bisou attire for the holidays.

First up, we have our beautiful friend, Miss Kona in glitter & red. Her brother Tempo, who wrote about in a previous post, passed over the rainbow bridge this holiday season. We asked everyone to join us in sending their family an extra bit of holiday love. Follow Kona on Instagram, @thabev.

We loved our friend Ash, in his handsome blue jacket and shirt. Follow @itsashthepug on Instagram.

We also loved seeing our sweet friend Tallulah in her gold finery! Follow her on Instagram, @TallulahHauteDog.

And our final set of heart melting holiday pics come from our friends Esther & Bob in their Stylish Bisou holiday outfits. Follow @snuggle_pugs on Twitter & @bob_and_esther on Instagram. 

We hope that everyone enjoyed these darlings as much as we did! We look forward to doing it again next year…

Much love from Chloe Bisou and me & Merry Christmas! xoxo

A Quiet Cali Christmas

If you follow us on social media, you might have seen a flurry of beautiful dogs in Stylish Bisou holiday apparel as a celebratory countdown to Christmas. Each stitch, sequin, and bow has given us an overwhelming amount of joy to create… but sadly, that is where our celebration of the holidays has stopped.

Behind the scenes, we failed at Christmas 2016.

It’s been a long list of things of little things I’ve failed at– late holiday orders, lack of holiday decorations, no holiday cards sent, & no Christmas tree– but none of it compares to what our household is finally recuperating from.  Something we are dubbing “Sh** Storm 2016.

It all started with a pizza; a pizza brand that shall remain nameless, but wasn’t even delicious enough to be worth the storm that ensued. The nameless pizza came with garlic butter, which my husband opened clumsily and spilled while eating on the couch. Before we could mouth the word “nooooo,” our dogs (Chloe Bisou leading the pack)  jumped on the tiny pools of liquid butter and landed several licks.

Within an hour, Chloe was sick. Unable to hold her bowels, I was awake nearly every hour throughout that night reassuring her not to feel ashamed… and scrubbing the floors.

The next morning, I also woke up sick– although not the same kind of sick. To back-track a bit, I’ve been battling an awful persistent cough & sinus thing since October– and that morning it got the better of me. So I went into Urgent Care for three hours (I have Bronchitis again) and then rushed home to nurse Chloe Bisou back to health.

As that next day progressed, to my horror I realized that it was no longer isolated to just Chloe Bisou’s tummy. Before I knew it, I was chasing all of our dogs around the house nearly every hour on the hour, cleaning the remains of their sour stomachs.

Being experienced dog owners, we immediately started our dogs on a bland diet with pumpkin, and even incorporated a little Pepto Bismol in hopes of settling their colons a bit.

Poor little Appa– our Japanese Chin– got the worst of it. By day number three he stopped eating and developed colitis so badly that in the few moments I took for a shower, he covered our entire house in blood. Obviously we rushed him to the vet.

It’s taken a full week for everyone to recover somewhat and return to normal (how funny it is to celebrate solid stool!). Not only was it extremely worrisome & completely heartbreaking (our dogs were so ashamed every time they had an accident), but Sh** Storm 2016 left in its wake, stained carpets, endless amounts of dirty towels, and an abused mop.

We are so grateful to have everyone on the mend!

And so, we plan on having a quiet Cali Christmas. We’re not traveling. We’re not decorating. We are deep cleaning the house and then taking ample time to snuggle and rest.

Moral of the story: DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS LICK GARLIC BUTTER! We feel like such horrible dog parents for letting it happen, but we hope that maybe our story will be a good reminder for everyone. We are typically so diligent with making sure our dogs don’t ingest harmful human food, but also baffled that such a small amount of garlic butter would be SO poisonous!

We did manage to squeeze in a small peaceful moment at the beach with our holiday outfits as you can see below…yes, I wore heels to the ocean-ha! But, we are sending everyone warm and beautiful California Christmas vibes, and hoping you all have a wonderful holidays!

Also, stay tuned tomorrow because we’re posting the finale to our “12 Days of Christmas…Dresses” 2016 countdown!



Holiday Outfit Details

Heather: Dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Jacket, “vintage” Marc Jacobs faux fur, given to us by our friend Dawn Quintero. Red metallic shoes, last year’s SJP, find a similar pair here. White sunglasses, from my closet, find a similar pair here.

Chloe Bisou: Dress & pearls, handmade by The Stylish Bisou.


Fa La La La La, The Countdown to Christmas Begins


Two exciting things are happening in the Bisou-verse this week.

First, we kick off our 2nd annual “12 Days of Christmas…Dresses!” We’ve been slaving away at our sewing machine and can’t wait to share the pictures of our beautiful friends in their Bisou holiday attire!

Second, La La Land, starring Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling releases this week… AND, according to the folks at MTV, the movie hasn’t come out yet, but it’s already breaking records. I geek out over musicals anyway, so I’m really excited for this one– I mean, huuuhlllo, Ryan Gosling– how can it go wrong?

Although IMO, RG ain’t got nothing on Monsieur Gooey. <<wink>>

We’ve been invited to watch an advance screening of it on Tuesday, so I’ll be sure to tweet after the movie and let you all know what I think. La La Land is in theaters this Friday, December 16th.

As we kick off our Christmas countdown and don our holiday finery, we have a special tribute to share.

You see, Gooey’s red jacket is particularly special: I made it this past week for a thirteen year old pug named Tempo. While I was putting the final touches on Tempo’s holiday jacket & packaging it for shipping, little did I know that he was passing over the rainbow bridge that very same day.

I didn’t find out until the next morning… and being the complete emotional weirdo that I am, I sobbed my guts out. Even as I write this, there’s a lump in my throat and a heaviness in my heart. But it’s not about me…

If you could all please stop by Tempo’s mama’s Instagram page, @thabev and leave them a nice comment. Their beautiful family is extremely sorrowful over their loss of Tempo so close to the holidays.

RIP dear Tempo. And as you make your journey to dog heaven, Gooey wears your jacket in memory of your beautiful, loving pug spirit. (We love you Beverly & Kona and continue to think of your family.)

Give your family members an extra tight hug today and never forget to cherish and appreciate them. 




Heather: Red dress, found at Nordstrom Rack (for $40!), find a similar one here. Red heels, GoJane.com. Faux Fur Stole, from my closet, find a similar one here. Chandelier bag, found at TJ Maxx, find a similar style bag here

Gooey: Red jacket and shirt combo, made by The Stylish Bisou. Prezzies Bow Tie, Curly Tail Ties. 

Chloe Bisou: Dress and fur stole made by The Stylish Bisou.

The Merriest of Bisou Holiday Bashes, 2016

Well folks, it’s another Bisou party for the books! This past Sunday, December 4th 2016, Chloe Bisou hosted her Very Merry Bisou Holiday Bash at Top Dog Barkery in Huntington Beach, CA. Along with our 20+ in-house dog guests (and their pawrents), we also invited our online friends to “attend” via live stream on Periscope.

The video above is the entirety of our party as seen on Periscope; we edited a few parts, but it’s a long one– ha! (The great part is that you can fast forward or rewind any parts now that the video is on YouTube.)

We had such a FUN-filled two hours and are so grateful to have yet another amazing group of party guests who joined us in games, cake, prizes and lots of laughs!

And if you don’t feel like watching the video, have fun looking through some of the cute moments of our party below, thanks to our unofficial photographers, Beau Palmer (papa Bisou) and @theusedcamerastore on Instagram.

Gooey wearing his MollysPawtique bowtie and Stylish Bisou holiday jacket.

Chloe Bisou on the move, mingling with party guests.

Top Dog Barkery makes AMAZING cakes! #Masterpiece

Sweet Pixie, @hibarb2 on Instagram

Stylish party guests, @sarannedipity on Instagram

Floyd, the darling chug from @Angelique915 on Instagram.

Miss Olive, (@APugNamedOlive on Instagram) stands for her treats!

The two Chloe’s: Chloe Bisou and Chloe from @RegalPet on Instagram.

Simon_Bella on Instagram

Floyd, @Angelique915 on Instagram

Miss Emma is pooped after cake and treats and Froyo and games…. @Emma_Rose_the_fancy_frenchie on Instagram

Chloe Bisou has a serious talk with Santa…

Emma Rose wonders what delights are on the table!

Rocky (@r_andr110 on IG) does the cake chomp

We LUBS Surf Santa at Top Dog Barkery in Huntington Beach, CA!

Rukia (in the far back) enjoy her chin rubs… Frankie from @RegalPet in front mingles with guests.

Sweet Miss Chloe from @RegalPet

Rocky (@r_andr110 on Instagram) wearing his Fetching Crochet hat.

Group photo!

We can’t thank ALL of our guests enough for making it such a special day that we’ll never forget!

Special thanks also goes to…

Top Dog Barkery, who hosted our holiday party. They are a full service dog boutique with a dog bakery, dog-sitting services, grooming AND they host FREE birthday parties! Plus, they’re super nice! We can’t say enough nice thing about them! If you’re in Southern Cali, be sure to check them out in the shopping across the street from the famous Huntington Beach. If you’re looking online, feel free to visit them at TopDogBarkery.net.

And BIG thanks to our Prize Sponsors:

We’re wishing you all a wonderful holidays filled with love and joy!


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