Yappy Hour at the Del Coronado

If you follow us on social media, then you know that we’ve been quiet for a few weeks to honor a tragic death in my husband’s family. Although it has been heartbreaking and a loss that we won’t soon forget, today we’d like to take just a moment and rewind.

We’re rewinding to a happier day (one day before we heard the tragic news to be exact). A day on the Sundeck Grill at Hotel Del Coronado overlooking the beach, surrounded by #StylishBisouBabes, dear friends, cute dogs, and cocktails…sounds like the perfect day, right? It practically was.

On June 4th, Fashion Week San Diego hosted a Haute Dog Yappy Hour, featuring The Stylish Bisou (us!) and the Rancho Coastal Humane Society. The dogs enjoyed treats and Evian water, the humans enjoyed pup inspired cocktails and the sundeck filled with Sunday loungers was treated to an impromptu mini Stylish Bisou fashion show.

Thanks to 656 Photography, The Dotty (on Instagram), and our Bisou Babes’ pawrents, we got a TON of cute snaps of all the Yappy Hour festivities. Enjoy!

Another fun FWSD event for the books!

Want to see all of the #StylishBisouBabes in action? Then be sure to get your tickets for the official Fashion Week San Diego runway show! Not only will you get to see our runway show full of stylishly clad dogs and models, but you’ll also have access to ALL of the talented FWSD17 designer runway shows. FWSD Runway week happens October 4th-8th, but don’t wait to get tickets– they sell out FAST! Find tickets here.

Heather: Dog print dress made by The Stylish Bisou. Coral sandal heels, GoJane.com, White sunnies, ZeroUv.

Chloe Bisou: Dog print Bisou Bow Dress, made by The Stylish Bisou.  


Happy summer everyone!

The Bisou Babes Take #FWSD17 Spring Showcase

On Saturday May 13th, San Diego’s most stylish people converged on the Windsor Lawn at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado for Fashion Week San Diego’s 10th Annual Spring Showcase. With a Pacific ocean sunset as the backdrop (almost too beautiful to be true), 21+ talented FWSD fashion designers welcomed a crowd into an evening full of fashion.

And OF COURSE, the #StylishBisouBabes made the rounds, strutting in MAJor pup style. And they looked pretty darn cute, if we say so ourselves…**huffs and buffs nails on shoulder.** But more on that in a minute.

For Chloe Bisou and I, the night went by in a blink of any eye.

We started by getting our booth full of Stylish Bisou goodies up and running. We were thrilled to feature our own matching pup & human outfits, as well as Dazzles By Darla necklaces, Curly Tail Ties bow ties, and MollysPawtique bow ties in our booth this year!

Then, we were presented on stage with the FAB Authority Award. We are so excited and grateful to have been chosen as one of the designers to win this scholarship, allowing us to return to Fashion Week San Diego’s best year ever, the 10 year Anniversary! A sincere and heartfelt thanks to FAB Authority (for more information about this fantastic organization, feel free to visit FABAuthority.org)

And after meeting a ton of amazing people and shmoozing for a hot two seconds, it was time for Chloe Bisou to hit the stage one more time. I was honored that FWSD graciously allowed me to escort our Chief Stylist & in-house pug model down the runway. And although it was past Chloe Bisou’s bedtime, once the spotlight hit her, she knew it was time to strut!

Can we just pause for a moment and also say, what an immensely talented group of designers FWSD has for their 10 Year Anniversary celebration?!? After seeing the talent up close and personal at the Spring Showcase, we definitely think FWSD17 cannot be missed! AND tickets for the October runway shows (Oct 4 thru Oct 8) are already on sale! It’s never too early to get them because they always sell out fast! Get more info about FWSD Runway dates and tickets by clicking here. 

But, back to the FWSD Spring Showcase…

We were overjoyed to have SEVEN Bisou Babes join us for all of the fashion festivities! We have a sneaking suspicion that they got a LOT of love and attention from adoring fans. Feel free to scroll through to see all the fun Ferdinand, Penelope, Emma Rose, Gooey, Sir Ruffles, Kingston, and Olive had that evening, and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more of their darling adventures!

Photo creds: 656 Photography, HC Photography, Fashion Week SD, & Josh Welsher. Special thanks to all of the dog model pawrents for letting us steal photos from their phones & IG!)

From L to R, @emma_rose_the_fancy_frenchie, @ferdinand_the_frenchbulldog, @@adventuresof_penelope

@apugnamedOlive, @KingstonthePug


Gooey of The Stylish Bisou

Special thanks to @jjpetrini for this cute pic!

Special thanks to @theframemakersd for taking this darling pic of Olive & Kingston (@apugnamedOlive & @KingstonthePug)!



So, what’s next you ask? Fashion Week SD still has a calendar full of spring events to look forward to!  You can find a list of what’s happening and how to get involved by visiting FashionWeekSD.com.

The FWSD17 event we’re looking forward to most? The Haute Dog Yappy Hour, on Sunday June 4th, from 3-5pm at Hotel Del Coronado! Join the #StylishBisouBabes, Chloe Bisou, and I for a pup inspired cocktail hour! For more details, visit the FashionWeekSD’s website or feel free contact us. We hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone who came out & supported the FWSD designers at the Spring Showcase! Wishing you all a wonderful week!


FWSD17 Spring Showcase…Here We Come!

Courtesy of FashionWeekSD.com


For the third year in a row we’re going to Fashion Week San Diego’s Spring Showcase. And for the second year we’ll be going as fashion designers!

Join us, and all of the stylish Fashion Week San Diego designer brands, this Saturday, May 13th from 6-9pm at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado for a fantastic time at The Spring Showcase. What’s more, this year marks FWSD’s 10 year anniversary!

While we LOVE the FWSD runway shows that happen in October, there’s just something about Spring Showcase that is So. MUCH. FUN.

Chloe Bisou & Gooey at FWSD Spring Showcase 2016.


It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is so different about this FWSD spring event…Is it the warm spring weather? The refreshing spring fashion? The excitement of introducing FWSD designers? The sneak peek mini-runway show? Who knows really; all we can say is, if you love fashion (and dogs in fashion) don’t miss it! 

Plus– our entourage of darling #StylishBisouBabes will be there, which will include our chief fashion stylist, Miss Chloe Bisou (of course)!

But more than that, we are super excited to be among such a talented group of fashion, jewelry and swimsuit designers. Come say hi to us, come say hi to the other designer brands, but most of all, come have fun!

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by visiting the Fashion Week SD link here: FWSD Spring Showcase Tickets.

Hope to see you all there!

Pug + Pug = Spring Pug Love

We’ve never made it any secret that we’re pug obsessed...fashion obsessed… and pug-fashion obsessed. Which is why when I got this pug purse for Christmas, I was super excited (thanks mom!).

So this week, we’re double pugged, although Chloe Bisou is OBVI the cooler of the two. After all, she has the most kissable snout, the most fragrant ears and is wearing the cutest spring denim dress (if we say so ourselves).

Chloe Bisou seems to think that my pug handbag is pretty awesome though, because every time I reach into his head, a treat appears. This week is spring pug love for both of us!

Wishing you all a wonderful last week in April! Happy Spring!



Heather: Pink ruffle shirt and skirt combo, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Black ankle tie sandals, from my closet, find a similar pair at ASOS here. Pug handbag, found at a Boutique in Washington State, find one online here. Black oversized sunnies, ZeroUV.com. Round black necklace, originally from H&M, sold out but find your own favorite necklace here

Chloe Bisou: Hearts-on-denim dress, handmade by the Stylish Bisou(find the fabric here). Pink pearl necklace, handmade by Dazzles By Darla. 






Pixies and Blue Stripes

There were two things we had on our style list this spring: wear lots of stripes and rock new pixie cuts. Done and done.

Although technically Chloe’s pixie isn’t new. I always joke that I like having short hair because it makes me feel more like Chloe Bisou; we both have short blonde hair. Ha!

But in all seriousness, I can’t stop cutting my hair. I just got done growing it for 7 months into a bob and then one morning 2 weeks ago, suddenly decided it needed to be short again.

I’ll be honest though, cutting my hair this short doesn’t happen without a tiny bit of nervousness. I stand in front of the mirror for a good few minutes, psyching myself up before taking the scissors to it. (Yes, I cut my own hair…Something, I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re a trained professional.)

After it’s all said and done though, having short hair feels So. Darn. Good. It’s easy to style, feels nice off my neck in warm weather, and is great for showing off this season’s fabulous earrings and stylish sunnies.

Chloe Bisou is just lucky she doesn’t have to worry about bang trims! Stay tuned for more on our stripe obsession this spring- ha!

Heather: Blue & white stripe maxi dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Blue T-Strap heels, GoJane.com. Chandelier earrings, Lulu Frost, courtesy of Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley, find a similar pair here. Purple tote, courtesy of Neiman Marcus, find your next favorite handbag here. Cat eye sunglasses, find a similar pair from here from Forever21.

Chloe Bisou: Blue & white stripe dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. 

And as a final note this week: we wanted to especially thank everyone who voted for us to win the #EtsySmallBusiness Contest! We more than tripled our amount of votes over this past weekend!! And although it’s impossible to gauge where we rank right now, all of your kindness has made us feel like winners. Regardless of what the future brings, we are so grateful to call you all friends.❤

(If you haven’t voted, we would greatly appreciate your support! If we win the contest, we’ll be able to keep our Etsy store open. Feel free to read more here. Voting goes until April 6th, you can vote here: http://wshe.es/VWbqMGCv.)

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