A Note From Heather & Chloe Bisou

Thanks for taking a peek into our style diary, The Stylish Bisou. 

One fall day many years ago, my husband and I picked up a spry little sassy pug to bring home, and as we futzed around with what name to give her, the word “bisou” kept coming to mind.  My husband wasn’t keen on it, and as we agreed upon the name Chloe, I secretly vowed that she would forever be a two-name pug: Chloe Bisou.

It stuck, and now everyone knows her as Miss Chloe Bisou…

The purpose of this style diary is to share our love affair with all things style, fashion, and pug.

We also feel very blessed to live in Southern California, a region that is notoriously dog friendly. Therefore, we feature a lot of dog-friendly adventures in Southern California.

The opinions expressed in our writings are genuine and supportive of brands and places we believe in. We only share adventures that any normal person with a dog would also be able to enjoy– Chloe Bisou is not a therapy dog. Additionally, many of the adventures we have, or items we feature are purchased with our own money. If items, places, or events were complimentary or gifted (which we are appreciative of), the blog details will read “courtesy of.” It’s important to us that our diary be fun, informative, but also transparent.

If there’s ever anything you’d ever like to see more of on this blog, feel free to contact us.

My philosophy is that it shouldn’t take a ton of money to dress well… although admittedly I covet several pairs of Christian Louboutin’s. What can I say? I love Chanel AND Forever21.

Miss Chloe Bisou’s philosophy?  All girls need a tutu at the very least. And– Chloe Bisou is never thirsty, but always hungry.

Thanks again for following our style diary! Enjoy reading about our adventures in fashion and pug life.

Bisou n.  Kiss, a friendly kiss



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