Our Etsy is Closing Indefinitely, April 15th

Revision, March 25th 2017: in the hub-bub of deciding to close our Etsy store, we plum forgot that we’re still participating in Etsy Small Business Contest which is awarding $10,000 to one Etsy winner to help with business costs. If by some miracle we win this contest on April 6th, we will remain open. Feel free to vote for us and spread the word, by visiting: http://wshe.es/VWbqMGCv! 


Well folks. It seems like just yesterday that we re-opened our Stylish Bisou Etsy store. It was in fact, only a month ago.

Sadly, today we are announcing that we will be closing again. Indefinitely.

We’re tapped out on resources and finances and so I’ve made the decision to pursue a different career path in order to make ends meet.

After we close our Etsy doors on April 15th we will no longer be taking ANY ORDER REQUESTS. So if you want something from us, please order it before then.

Am I sad about closing? Yes, immensely.

Am I embarrassed? You bet. I feel like I’m taking a face plant in front of a crowd. It’s been a huge embarrassment to be so unprofessional and continue going back and forth: “we’re opening”– “Oh, no, now we’re closing.” Excuse me while I roll my eyes at myself.

But I am at peace with my decision to pursue a full time job elsewhere; sometimes things just don’t work out and the only thing I can do is keep moving onward.

We will still be around however as The Stylish Bisou– Chloe Bisou and I will still blog and try to spread the pug love on social media. It’s the only avenue we have to express our love of fashion & creativity, so that will stay.

We will also be participating in a ton of FUN Fashion Week San Diego events this spring and summer, culminating into a fabulous runway show in October.

Thank you so much, as always for all of your kind words and support. I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve them, but they’re always greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring week!


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