Fruit Stripe Vibes

Does anyone remember Fruit Stripe gum? When I was a kid, Fruit Stripe was a serious treat in the summer… a treat that tasted delicious for a whole 30 seconds of chewing and then turned into a flavorless rock, that is. Do they still sell Fruit Stripe? Now that I think about it, fruit stripe wasn’t the best for blowing bubbles either. You’d blow one bubble and have it stuck on your lips for days.

To be honest, if given the choice, I would’ve much preferred a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bar, but I digress.

The point is, this week our outfits are giving off some serious Fruit Stripe vibes. We feel fruity, bright, and summery in our striped dresses and ready to hit a beachside lounge for some mango margaritas. Who’s with us?!?

Chloe even makes peeing look dainty and ladylike. Ha!

And if you’re wondering: yes, Chloe Bisou’s dress is an asymmetrical one shoulder dress to match mine! ; )

Color (especially brights) can be intimidating to incorporate into a wardrobe, but if you’re going to wear it, summer is certainly the time! Style tip for summer brights: to tone down the overall look, style a dress like mine with neutrals (white, beige or even black), instead of the colorful shoes and purse. Or be bold and go with the yellow shoes!

And as a final note this week, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether we’re still selling dog dresses and shirts. The answer is yes… here’s the scoop…

After making the announcement that we would be closing our Etsy Shop (so that I could take a new job after losing my job of four years), everything essentially fell through. Simply put, I haven’t in fact found a job that wants to hire me.

And as much of a bummer as that’s been, the fortunate part is that I value myself as a hard worker and am officially rehiring myself as a dressmaker at The Stylish Bisou. So our Etsy remains open. Our selection is limited for the summer, but stay tuned for new items to be added soon.

And as always, we take custom order requests.

If you’d like to order from our Etsy, there are a few things we need to let you know:

  • We are currently working on our Fashion Week San Diego 2018 runway show collection. (Our show is on Friday, October 6th! Buy your passes by clicking here!)
  • We also still have approximately 100 hours of our Kickstarter orders which is an important obligation we must fulfill before this fall.
  • We are also currently working on three autumn wedding orders.

What this means is that if you order from us this summer, there needs to be an understanding that it may take 15-20 business days to receive your item. We are also unable to fulfill human dress orders at this time. These are both temporary issues that we hope to resolve by Fall 2017 and we appreciate your patience.

Everything is made with a lot of love and consideration for your pup’s size, we just need a little longer to make their perfect outfit!

Heather: Dress handmade by The Stylish Bisou, fabric found at Yardage Town San Diego. Clear plastic sunnies, Forever21, find a similar pair here. Kate Spade bag, from my closet, find your own favorite Kate Spade purse here. Yellow sandals, Steve Madden, find a similar pair here.

Chloe Bisou: Dress handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Yellow necklace from Dazzles By Darla

Wishing you all a fabulous week– stay cool out there darlings!

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