Gooey Gooey Gingham

If I were perusing the interwebs and happened upon a blog post with the title “Gooey Gooey Gingham” I would immediately think the person who’d wrote it was insane.

Gooey chocolate chip cookies? Makes sense. Gooey brownies? Even better. But Gooey gingham? It sounds nonsensical.

However, it DOES make sense in the context of the The Stylish Bisou world, and if we say so ourselves, Gooey and gingham pair exceptionally well together.

Obvi, we’re talking about the sweet little nugget who is the star of this week’s #OOTW, Monsieur Gooey–Aka Goku, Aka GOO– in his blue gingham button-up shirt. It’s all about the Goo-Bear this week.

Anyhoo, lately we’ve been trying exceptionally hard to pull in those spring vibes, because darn it! It’s been winter for entirely too long. Who’s with us?

So here’s the scoop with these outfits: this is last year’s fabric that we used for our FWSD Spring Showcase & was a coordinated piece with our spring 2016 collection. This year it doesn’t “go” with our color scheme. So we need to get rid of it.

Which is why it’s part of our Spring Sale in our Etsy Shoppe!

This dapper teal gingham shirt AND the flamingo MollysPawtique (normally $12, now $6.99) are both on sale until we sell out. In addition to this shirt, we added a bunch of last year’s bow ties (featuring Curly Tail Ties & MollysPawtique). And we’ll be continuing to add more sale items this month.

We are also selling this women’s matching ruffle dress ($65.99) or the same style as a shirt (44.99) with the purchase of the dog shirt. So, if you like it, please feel free to contact us or check it out on Etsy!

And if you happen to read ALL the way through our blatherings, we think you deserve a reward- ha! Feel free to use the code BISOU15 to get 15% off your Stylish Bisou Etsy purchase for the month of March.

We add new items every week, so stay tuned!

Now, let’s all collectively think “spring, spring, spring,” & maybe she’ll finally be coaxed out! Sending light & positivity to you all…





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