The Holiday Outfit 2017 Finale

It’s the finale of our holiday outfit countdown! (Formerly know as the “12 Days of Christmas…Dresses” countdown.)

So, full confession– what was supposed to be the “21 Days of Christmas…Outfits” countdown was a little disorganized this year.

To start, due to unforeseen circumstances we were late on shipping out several of the holiday outfits. Then, we didn’t receive enough pictures to start the countdown on time (we were supposed to start our countdown in early December to make it 21 days). And finally, after several email attempts, we never heard back from several of our holiday cuties (we hope you received your dresses darlings!).

That being said, it was such a pleasure to make holiday outfits for all of these sweethearts! Without them, we wouldn’t have been in any holiday spirit this year. So a BIG thank you to all of our beautiful, scrumptious, handsome 2017 #HolidayBisouBabes; we LOVE every single one of you!

AND, thank you to everyone who followed our countdown and left such nice comments.

Without further ado, here are the 2017 Holiday Bisou Babes:

Starting with our handsome pal, Ash in his holiday plum finery. Be sure to follow his fun pug adventures on his Instagram here

Next up is Bert, posing with Santa! Follow Bert on Instagram, here

The next set of cuties are our dear friends, Brutus & Banks, with their “auntie” Miss Emmy. Be sure to follow their adventures on Instagram here

Beautiful Miss Charlotte is up next in her holiday plum dress! Follow Charlotte on Instagram here.

Our next beauty is Chubbs. As many of you may know, Miss Chubbs passed over the rainbow bridge on December 18th of this year. We’ve had a heavy heart saying goodbye to Chubbs and all of our love still goes out to her mama. If you’d like to leave a nice comment, feel free to visit Chubbs The Wampug on Instagram here.

Next up, we have sweet Ella and Georgie in their holiday teal. Be sure to follow these cute girls on Instagram here. 

Our holiday countdown wouldn’t be complete without our Bisou Babe, Miss Emma-Rose in rose gold! Follow her fashionable adventures on Instagram here

We love our friends Demi & Frankie in their holiday plaid! Feel free to follow these cuties on Instagram here

Continuing with our absolute darling friends, Froyo & Betty White, in their holiday plum! Be sure to follow their cute pug adventures on Instagram here

Next up are sugar plum cuties, Ginger & Grendel. Feel free to follow them on Instagram here.

These darling girls, Foo and Juliet, continue our holiday dress countdown in their festive green and plaid. They are part of a Grumble of 5, and on Instagram this year they told the story of how each dog became a part of the grumble– really sweet stories! Be sure to check them out here.

Sassy Miss Lucy comes next, adorned in her holiday red! Feel free to follow her on Instagram here

Next up are our stylish and gorgeous friends, Lulu & Coco (with their ridiculously good looking parents)! Be sure to follow Lulu & Coco’s fabulous adventures on Instagram here, and their beautiful mama, Cathleen Candia here.

Molly continues our holiday dress countdown in her beautiful and regal plum dress. Be sure to follow her on Instagram here. 

We loved the holiday cheer this trio of girls brought to our countdown in their bright Christmas colors! You simply MUST follow PixieBelle, CharlieRose, and LulaBee on Instagram (here) for all of of their darling pug adventures!

Onto our next holiday cutie, Rocky! Be sure to follow this dapper little dude on Instagram here

Speaking of dapper dudes, we loved having our dear friend Simon on our countdown this year! Follow this cutie on Instagram here

Holiday blue is brought to you by the ever adorable Darla & Spanky! Be sure to follow their funny pug antics on Instagram here. 

Beautiful Miss Sparky in her holiday plum finery rounds out our holiday dresses for 2017! Be sure to follow Sparky on Instagram here

Thanks again everyone for joining us in loving these beautiful holiday darlings! Wishing you all a fabulous, warm and merry Christmas!

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