Keepin’ It Casual Pink

Did all of you darlings have a wonderful 4th of July? Ours was quiet, but lovely….and filled with lots of sun, ocean air, hotdogs, and pug snuggles…

And so because it’s a somewhat shorter week, we’re keeping it casual and comfy in our pink hoodies. Matching of course. ; )

In all seriousness, this time of year is still not too hot in Oceanside, so I liiiive in sweatshirt dresses.  I have several that I rotate through each week because they are so darn comfortable to work in (particularly sewing!). Truth be told, I’ve worn the heck out of them and at this point, they’re covered in a variety of glue, food, and craft related stains. Ha!

This time around though, it was nice to design and make our own matching sweatshirt dresses. I of course, chose pink and made them from my favorite fabric, french terry. And they’re clean… for now!

Wishing you all a beautiful summer week!

Heather: Sweatshirt dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Pink Adidas Stan Smith shoes. Glitter sunglasses, from my closet, find a similar pair here. Blue cross body bag, find a similar bag here. 

Chloe Bisou: Sweatshirt dress and pink head bow, handmade by The Stylish Bisou.

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