Our Journey to FWSD

We will be at Fashion Week San Diego 2017, featuring our Spring 2018 Collection!

We are exceptionally honored and excited to be the FAB Authority Be FAB 2017 Award winners! This means that Chloe Bisou and I will be hitting the runways of FWSD 2017 with all of our Bisou Babes.

Stay tuned for event dates and our adventures through another stylish year at FWSD!

Feel free to watch our FWSD16 Runway show!

FWSD16 was a fantastic experience! 

Ten women’s looks– featuring handmade skirts and crop tops–and ten stylish pup looks featuring jackets, glittered dresses, and tulle, walked the runway. These items and more will be available for purchase March 29, 2017.

We were also happy to feature coordinating BOW TIES to go with our boy dog outfits. Thanks to 2 guest brands, we had some great bow ties on the runway with our boys button-up shirts and jackets. The guest brands featured were:

MollysPawtique, a popular bow tie brand and Instagram phenom (aka MollyVecc), graciously designed a very fashionable bow tie to correspond with our Spring 2017 Collection. Feel free to visit their website and check out their collection of bow ties.



Courtesy of 656Photography & FWSD


Curly Tail Ties, who we’ve worked with on several occasions in the past, has also designed a bow tie for our 2017 collection. The bow tie we’re selling will be a Curly Tail Ties EXCLUSIVE, sold only in our Stylish Bisou Etsy shop. We are honored to work with Curly Tail Ties again! And be sure to visit their website here to see some of their other bow ties (they even have a monthly bow tie Curly Crew Club!).



(All bow ties will be sold as an add-on to the shirts or jackets only, not sold separately.)

Our Spring 2017 Collection also features Dazzles By Darla NECKLACES! We’re not sure how we got so lucky, but Dazzles By Darla very graciously designed our entire collection of jewelry seen on the FWSD16 runway– both, on the women AND dogs! 

Dazzles By Darla is a new brand, operated by Darla who is the sassy and uber fashionable half of Instagram’s @SpankyThePug. Darla has crafted some of the most stunning, unique, and colorful necklaces, perfectly sized for any human or dog neck. We can’t wait to share these one-of-a-kind pieces with you all next spring!

Special thanks to:

 For more information about Fashion Week San Diego, feel free to visit Fashionweeksd.com.



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