Measure Your Pup!

Did you know?

Each of the items we sell at The Stylish Bisou is made specific according to your dog’s measurements.

Upon receipt of purchase, we will email you what measurements we need; please respond with measurements ASAP! Feel free to use the guide below to measure your pup. PLEASE ALWAYS MEASURE YOUR PUP WHILE THEY ARE STANDING ON ALL FOUR LEGS.

We always need the following measurements:

Neck Circumference— Not necessarily at the squishiest part of the neck, but where a collar would sit. Typical sizes for medium dogs are 16-20 inches.

Chest Girth— Please make sure you measure your dog while he/she is standing on all four legs and measure with a soft tape all the way around the chest, directly under the armpits. Typical chest size for a medium size dog is 20-27 inches. 

Length— Again, it’s so important that this measurement is made while your dog is standing on all four legs. We need the measurement from the neck to the crest of their butt where their tail starts. Typical length ranges from 12-16 inches.

Do you need a harness hole? Sadly, not all every harness is the same. If you’d like a harness hole sewn into the shirt, please measure how far down the neck your pup’s harness D-ring sits on their back. Typical harness lengths vary from 3 inches down the back to 5.5 inches. 

We may also ask for arm length, back size, or weight.

We hope this helps, but if you have further questions or comments, feel free to contact us any time!

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