Summer Isn’t Going Anywhere Yet

Summer isn’t going anywhere yet…at least not as far as I’m concerned. I say it every year, but I’m just NOT a fall person. I refuse to give up on summer, even if Labor Day is the supposed unofficial end of summer.

So if you expect to any autumn outfits on our blog this month, you’ll be sadly disappointed. To boots, sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes everywhere, I say NOPE. Not yet homies.

It’s partly because I’ve never liked fall, but also because San Diego is notoriously hot in September and October. People try to pretend that fall happens in Southern Cali– the retail stores put out their knits, thick socks and boots– but in reality, this is the best time of year for many of us to hit the beaches. The temps are balmy, the sunshine is abundant, and the ocean is warm.

In any case, this week we’re extending our summer 2017 with blue florals, pom sandals (a fun DIY project with pompom trim from Joann Fabric that I fell in love with), and my fave white sunnies.

And can I just say… I love Gooey to pieces in his matching jacket! He’s truly the gooiest little luv nugget.

What are your thoughts on autumn? Are you excited to say goodbye to summer or refusing to let it go like we are? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

Heather: Blue floral off-the-shoulder dress, handmade by The Stylish Bisou. Colorful statement earrings, originally from Neiman Marcus, find your own favorite statement earrings here. White sunglasses, ZeroUv. Blue handbag, from my closet, find a similar bag here. White pom shoes, a DIY project using white shoes from my closet, and pom trim found at Joann Fabric and Crafts.

Gooey: Blue Floral jacket, blue gingham undershirt, floral bow tie, all handmade by The Stylish Bisou. (Please note: these pictures were taken on a 75 degree day in the evening. Please dress your pups responsibly in the summer heat!)


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