A Year Older Than I Was Last Year

My birthday is on Wednesday. How old will I be? A year older than I was last year and perhaps just a teensy bit wiser.

Also happening on Wednesday is a very rare, super blue blood moon, which is pretty freaking cool. To have a celestial trifecta like this on my birthday is truly “once in a blue moon…” It won’t happen again in my lifetime anyway.

Anyhoo. As I tiptoe to the edge of my 30’s with this birthday, I am becoming more at peace with welcoming 40.

I don’t think that I made it any secret that last year was a beast for me. Everything I thought was secure in life, crumbled before my eyes. Compounded by feeling the anxiety and pressure of trying to BE SOMEBODY before turning 40 (a high powered career woman? An entrepreneur? A good wife? a mom?), I damn near lost my mind. I spent the better half of last year overwhelmed and lost.

This year, on the outside I may still seem lost, but on the inside, I am regaining my strength and self respect. Do I know my purpose yet? Nope. But I know what makes me happy.

I don’t know where life is going to take us, but Chloe Bisou and I are on our way.

And speaking of happy, these sparkly party dresses definitely bring me joy! So– happy freaking birthday to me!

Happy birthday fellow Aquarians!


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